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- Supply: 21.000.000 bitkoin

- Earn bitcoin (BTC) by holding

- A 5% fee is redistributed to holders in bitcoin (BTC)

Intellectual property rights (IPR doc)

- Video return funds of old presale

SOFT CAP WAS 500 BNB (Raised 87.86 BNB)


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Are you a beginner in crypto?

Instructions to pass funds from old pre-sale to new pre-sale:

A NEW PRE-SALE OF ONLY 100 BNB HAS BEEN CREATED BECAUSE THE PREVIOUS ONE DIDN'T REACH THE SOFT CAP OF 500 BNB (Raised 87.86 BNB). If you bought Bitkoin in the previous pre-sale, do a manual return first and then buy again bitkoin in the new presale. To compensate the holders, this pre-sale is 2000 bitkoin / 1 BNB (now price is again 0,25 USD). (Video to make manual refund from old pre-sale).

Watch the following video to learn:

1.- How to install Trust Wallet in your mobile phone.

2.- How to add Bitkoin contract to your Trust Wallet.

3.- How to buy BNB Smart Chain in your Trust Wallet.

4.- How to buy Bitkoin tokens in pre-sale.

Videos for Android:

English Video - Vídeo Español - Video Italiano

Videos for iPhone:

English Video - Vídeo Español - Video Italiano

Initial Dex Offering (IDO)


- Pre-sale quantity: 200.000 bitkoin

- Pre-sale unit price: 0,25 USD

- Minimum wallet purchase: 2,5 USD (0,005 BNB)

- Maximum wallet purchase: 5500 USD (10 BNB)

- Capital: 50.000 USD (100 BNB)

Bitkoin Contract: 0x4bF2a0938a9045Da89549da5aDE351886eB18E2C

*Token claims are sent in real time. Your Bitkoin tokens are sent to your wallet in the same moment that you buy the pre-sale.

- IDO Smart Contract created in Cointool

- Liquidity pool is automatically created*

- Liquidity pool is locked during 21 months*

*The money raised will be automatically sent to create the liquidity pool in PancakeSwap (bitkoin/BNB). This liquidity will be locked during 21 months, offering maximum security to all investors. These 2 steps are made by a Smart Contract, not by a human. The minimum purchase to join bitkoin presale is just 2,5 USD (0.005 BNB).

*Only wallets with a minimum of 100 bitkoins (25 USD in pre-sale) will be able to receive 5% rewards in bitcoin (BTC). So, it is strongly suggested to buy now or cry later when price increase.

*Important: The pre-sale contract sends you only Bitkoin, if you receive other tokens it is not us, we do not write to you first either, we only answer if you write to us.


bitkoin calendar events

*Add bitkoin event calendar dates to your Google, Yahoo or Outlook calendar to receive notifications of each event before it starts. Click on the date that you are interested then click on the "+ add to calendar" button; you find it after the event description text. You can do it with every event date that you are interested in.

List of bitkoin events by dates:

Every 21st of the month.
5% of the purchase fee is burned to reduce the tokens in circulation.


August 18th, October 31st, January 3rd, May 22nd.

Buy and sell tokens without pay 5% fee.

History behind these 4 events
- August 18th, 2008, domain was registered.
- October 31st, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto publishes the White Paper that is the basis for its creation.
- January 3rd, 2009, the first block, the genesis block, is mined by Satoshi Nakamoto.
- May 22th, 2010, a very important event occurs: Laszlo Hanyecz made the first payment with bitcoins. He bought two pizzas at the popular Papa Jonh's chain, for which he paid 10,000 BTC (on that date, one bitcoin was equivalent to $0.003 dollars Since then, the so-called “Bitcoin Pizza Day” has been celebrated on that day in May.


November 8th and 9th.

Buy tokens without pay 5% fee.


History behind this 2 events
Cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance reported that at 11:25 p.m. London time on Monday, November 8th 2021, the value of the digital currency increased to $67,630, while CoinMarketCap claimed that by early Tuesday 9th morning it already had $68,530.34.


From November 30th to December 20th.

During 21 days, 5% fee of all sales will be sent to increase the value of Liquidity Pool.


From May 30th to June 20th.

During 21 days, 5% fee of all purchases will be sent to increase the value of Liquidity Pool.


bitkoin roadmap

Zhao Nakamoto is the creator of 21.000.000 bitkoin. This cryptocurrency tells the story of bitcoin (BTC) through an event-based trading calendar 365 days a year and distributes a 5% reward in bitcoin (BTC) daily to all its holder. 

The bitkoin roadmap has 4 stages:

Stage 1.png

First stage

It is the launch of the token at a popular price of 0.25 USD with a minimum purchase of 2.5 USD that allows all small holders to participate. Bitkoin also offers 100 VIP pre-sale packs of 10000 Bitkoin aimed at medium and large holders who want to invest 5500 USD (10 BNB). These VIP investors receive also a pack with 10 promotional gifts.

Stage 2.png

Second stage

It starts after that IDO dex pre-sale is concluded. The bitkoin IDO smart contract creates automatically the Liquidity Pool and locks it during 21 months, assuring finance stability to the project and creating a lot of trust amongst holders. Trading starts in PancakeSwap. The contract will start distributing 5% rewards in bitcoin (BTC) to all holders that maintain a minimum of 100 bitkoin in their wallets. Trading will be dynamic according to bitkoin calendar events dates.

Stage 3.png

Third stage

It consists in listing bitkoin in CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Verify bitkoin information and logotipe in BSCSCAN. Apply form to add bitkoin logotipe to Trust Wallet and Metamask. Start a strong and innovative marketing campaign, online and offline, to attract new traders and holders to the project.

Stage 4.png

Fourth stage

It focuses on promoting daily bitkoin trading, increasing the number of holders around the world. More daily trading means more reward distribution in bitcoin (BTC). Increase the value and prestige of bitkoin by negotiating its listings only with important high security exchanges such as: Binance, CoinBase, Kraken, Bitforex, Huobi Global, BitMart, Bybit, KuCoin, OKX,, HTX, Bithumb,, Upbit, MEXC, eToro y LBank.

Bitkoin token functions

Bitkoin is the first digital currency with Bitcoin (BTC) backing functionality.

In the business world, being the first to enter a market with an innovative idea often proves to be a crucial advantage. We've seen this with giants like Amazon or IKEA, which have paved the way for countless service companies benefiting from the success of these behemoths.

The story repeats itself in the financial realm, and Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, is no exception.

Like Amazon or IKEA, Bitcoin has created a new market, a universe of possibilities that attracts entrepreneurs and visionaries. Around Bitcoin, new business opportunities constantly emerge in the form of services or projects related to the cryptocurrency.

In this landscape, the "Bitcoin with K" project (Bitkoin) positions itself as an innovative pioneer with a key differentiator: a total limited supply of 21 million tokens, just like Bitcoin (BTC), but with only 11 million in circulation. This means that there will only be 11 million Bitkoin available, compared to the current 19.5 million Bitcoin (BTC) in existence.

This scarcity of tokens, coupled with growing demand, has the potential to exponentially drive up the price of Bitkoin, especially once its presale ends on August 21, 2024, where its price is currently only $0.25 USD.

Who among us doesn't regret not having invested in Bitcoin when its price was just 1 dollar? If only we had allocated $100 to this cryptocurrency in 2011, today we would be looking at a fortune close to $7 million.

Bitcoin stands as the undisputed sovereign of the cryptocurrency realm, whose value fluctuations affect the entire cryptographic landscape. With daily movements reaching hundreds of billions of dollars, this virtual currency is already being traded on futures (ETF).

While magnates and speculators move their pieces in this financial chessboard, the rest of us, common mortals, are relegated to mere spectators of the news, longing for a piece of the pie.

A Persian proverb states: "Success breeds success"

Following this premise, a group of European economists and programmers, under the pseudonym Zhao Nakamoto, in honor of the mythical Satoshi Nakamoto, has decided to emulate Bitcoin's rise with the creation of a new token. This token, named BitKoin, not only backs the leading cryptocurrency but also introduces a crucial functionality: the daily distribution of passive income in Bitcoins to all its holders.

Why does the Bitkoin cryptocurrency have such great potential?

Its creators claim that Bitkoin will be hugely successful due to three unique characteristics:

1.- A massive target audience: Bitkoin targets a much broader audience than Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is only used by 1% of the world's population, Bitkoin is designed to be accessible to anyone wishing to participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem without requiring technical knowledge or trading experience.

2.- Daily rewards in BTC: Bitkoin is not only an investment but also a way to generate passive income. By holding a minimum of 100 Bitkoin in their digital wallet (about 55 USD at the presale price), holders (as they are called in the project) receive daily rewards in BTC, allowing them to benefit from the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem without having to engage in risky trading.

3.- Fairer wealth redistribution: Bitkoin's BTC rewards redistribution function helps democratize access to Bitcoin profits, reducing the gap between large investors and the rest of the population.

The Bitkoin cryptocurrency presents, due to its supply scarcity, a unique opportunity for all those who missed out on Bitcoin in its early days and long to repeat its upward trajectory.

In an ever-evolving market, Bitkoin presents itself as a disruptive alternative with enormous potential. Its innovative proposal, which combines investment in a digital currency with the generation of daily rewards in BTC, along with its limited token supply, makes it a unique opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolio and participate in the future of decentralized finance.

Don't miss the opportunity to be one of the first to invest in Bitkoin. The presale ends on August 21, 2024, at 21:21 (UTC), and the token price is only $0.25 USD.

The acquisition of Bitkoin is carried out through a smart contract known as an IDO, which automates the fundraising process and provides tokens instantly to buyers. After the presale stage, this smart contract establishes a liquidity pool and locks in the funds raised for a period of 21 months, thus ensuring the initial investment and maintaining a stable base token price in the international market.

Although the funds remain locked for 21 months, Bitkoin holders are free to sell their tokens at any time, as long as the token price exceeds the base price set at launch.

On this project's official website (, there is a video tutorial aimed at beginners that teaches how to create a digital wallet, add the Bitkoin contract, and ultimately how to acquire Bitkoin.

Zhao y Satoshi nombres png.png

Trust among industry leaders

The bitkoin IDO Smart Contract creates automatically the Liquidity Pool and locks it during 21 months, assuring finance stability to the project and creating a lot of trust among holders. The bitcoin marketing team will organize online and offline events to increase the value and prestige of bitkoin. The low supply of bitkoin, only 21 million tokens, and its very original characteristics based on bitcoin (BTC) will make it possible to increase its market price quickly as well as its holders. All of this, will make it very attractive to the large exchanges that will raffle among themselves to have it listed.

What the press says about bitkoin:


Promote bitkoin among your people by purchasing one or more merchandising products

Please read the following 11 common questions

Question 1

What is Bitkoin?

Bitkoin is a cryptocurrency created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Only 21,000,000 coins have been created, and initially, only 10 million will be in circulation (5 million in the presale, and another 5 million will be deposited, after the presale, into the liquidity pool to start trading.

Important: The pre-sale contract sends you only Bitkoin, if you receive other tokens it is not us, we do not write to you first either, we only answer if you write to us.

Question 2

How does the presale work?

When a crypto project is launched, the initial phase is the capitalization of its liquidity pool before the token is listed on international exchanges. Bitkoin's presale is conducted through a Smart Contract that automatically collects money in real-time, sending Bitkoin tokens to investors.

Once the presale is completed, the Smart Contract (IDO) automatically creates the liquidity pool (BNB/Bitkoin) and locks it for 21 months to protect investors' funds and ensure the token's initial base price.

Question 3

How does the 21-month liquidity pool lock work? And, can I withdraw my money anytime?

The liquidity pool lock is designed to safeguard your initial investment for 21 months, preventing anyone from accessing it during this period and ensuring the token's base price remains stable. Your initial investment is protected and risk-free. Once Bitkoin trading begins, its initial value will increase, and you can withdraw your money at any time.

For example, if you invest $2.5 (equivalent to 10 Bitkoin) in the presale, and after launch, the price multiplies by 10 or 100 times, you can withdraw your profits of $25 or $250 at any time. The liquidity pool only protects your initial investment for 21 months.

Question 4

How does the trading calendar relate to Bitcoin's history?

On this website, you'll find a calendar with all important events and dates in Bitcoin's (BTC) history. By clicking on highlighted dates for each month, the system allows you to add events to your Google, Outlook, or other calendars. Your calendar will notify you of days when you can buy or sell without paying the 5% fee or when tokens are burned or other dynamic tasks.

Question 5

How does the daily reward distribution in Bitcoin work?

Once Bitkoin trading starts, every time tokens are bought or sold, the Bitkoin contract distributes a 5% daily reward in Bitcoin (BTC) to all Bitkoin holders.

Question 6

Do all wallets receive daily Bitcoin rewards?

No, only electronic wallets with a minimum of 100 Bitkoin can receive daily rewards in Bitcoin (BTC). We encourage you to buy a minimum of $25 (22 euros) in the presale, equivalent to 100 Bitkoin. After the presale, the token price may increase significantly, making it more expensive to acquire 100 Bitkoin in your electronic wallet.

*To receive daily rewards in Bitcoin, you have to add Binance Bitcoin (BTCB) to your wallet. If you don't know how to do it, you can watch the following video.

Question 7

Who is Zhao Nakamoto?

Zhao Nakamoto, much like Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, is a fictional name representing a team comprised of the best professionals in computer science and finance worldwide. Being Satoshi's younger brother carries a significant subliminal meaning: "Investors in Bitkoin should know it is a serious project with a great future ahead."

Question 8

How can I buy Bitkoin in presale, and until when can I buy?

The Bitkoin presale started on MAY 23, 2023, and its end date is August 21, 2024, or earlier if all 5 million Bitkoin are sold. To participate, you need basic knowledge, and this website provides two videos: one for beginners, explaining step by step how to set up your electronic wallet and buy Bitkoin (Click here for iPhone), and a second video for those with basic knowledge, explaining how to connect the electronic wallet to the presale contract to purchase Bitkoin. (Click here for iPhone)

Question 9

Why is Bitkoin's presale on the Cointool website?

The Bitkoin presale is conducted on this (very famous) website because the Smart Contract that automates the presale was created in Cointool, ensuring automatic creation of the Liquidity Pool and to lock it during 21 months.

Question 10

Can I buy Bitkoin through bank transfer or in-person payment?

No, decentralized finance belongs to no one, and participation is possible only through an anonymous electronic wallet, buying Bitkoin directly from your electronic wallet using credit or debit cards (see the beginner's videoClick here for iPhone). Nobody knows who owns an electronic wallet; only you have your key phrases identifying your ownership. Never respond to anyone claiming to be us, and keep your electronic wallet on a seldom-used phone. Keep your security keys written on paper (not on your phone) and store this paper where no one can find it.

Question 11

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via email, through the official Telegram group, or through the official Twitter account.

IMPORTANT: We will never contact you with any pretext. If someone claims to be us, it's a lie, and they only want to deceive you to steal your electronic wallet keys. Never respond to anyone, and above all, keep your electronic wallet on a phone you rarely use. Keep your security keys written on paper (not on your phone) and store this paper where no one can find it.

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